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We usually describe ourselves as a "Data Intelligence Lab", born in 2010 from the entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the world of data and digital technology that unites our founding partners. Got off the ground as a start-up of the international research center FBK, we have seen our business grow exponentially, also thanks to many and varied projects developed over the years.

Not only we acquired new skills, but also the team has gained new members! After Thinkinside's successful spin-off experience (company active in the field of analytics for indoor spaces), which took up most of the resources, our crew has been restructured and it counts today twelve employees.

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At U-Hopper we appreciate and value diversity - we believe it represents a real wealth! Different backgrounds, countries and cultures, and a good gender balance are just some of our strengths.

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Daniele Miorandi Chief Executive Officer

10+ years of experience in European and industrial research projects, he is the CEO, visionary leader and R&D key figure at U-Hopper. When not busy running the company, you will spot him riding his bike, climbing up a mountain or making jokes (careful, he has an English humor). All this often with his two young boys.

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Diego Taglioni Senior Partner & Co-Founder

Serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of managing experience in telco MNEs, he is an expert in business development. Sometimes he gets nostalgic and starts telling the whole team the incredible story of his 2-year experience as a business advisor in the "Land of the Rising Sun".

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Carlo Caprini Product Manager

From full-stack development to engineering of analytics solutions, he is our data wizard and technical expert. Pro athlete for 10 years, he is now a high performing triathlon enthusiast. Holder of a boat driving license, he is also a kitchen rookie and has recently learnt how to do home-made pizza (but his colleagues are still waiting for an invite!)

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Rossana Bartolacelli Senior UX/UI Designer & Frontend Developer

The creative mind behind any piece of design at UH. Her (very) tough mission is to make data and interfaces look beautiful and user-friendly.. and she is really a master at it! Mad for gym workouts and healthy food, she daily brings to the company contagious smiles and incredible positive energy.

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Stefano Tavonatti Senior Software Engineer

Electronics enthusiast and passionate photographer, he jumped into data science and turned it into his job. Precision and attention to detail are a constant in his work, nothing gets past him! He prefers his couch over any kind of sport, and his motto claims "muscle fever is the proof that sports hurts".

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Eleonora Aste Marketing & Business Analyst

Full-time marketing analyst and part-time traveller, she likes taking off to new places as soon as she can. After a few years abroad for both studying and working purposes, she is now back in her homeland, in the Dolomites. She loves to-do lists and having things well-organized. So not surprisingly, Trello is her BFF.

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Samuel Bortolin Software Developer

Enthusiasm as fuel, curiosity for new technologies as the spark! Grew up on bread, basketball and math, Samuel loves listening to music and never leaves without his Beats. He also likes whizzing aboard his kick scooter and watching TV series, even better while enjoying a good pizza. Uh, and travelling. He couldn’t survive without!

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Antonella Di Paolo Operations Officer

Born in Trentino under the sign of optimism, Antonella has a PhD in Human Resources Management and her role at UH is (among the others) taking care of her colleagues, sometimes even spoiling them. Career woman and mother of two girls, her talent cannot be other than multitasking. Whenever she has some free time, she loves watching cooking shows or preparing cookies and cakes for her family. Her speciality? The chocolate cake!

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Davaadorj Battulga Software Developer

Originally from Mongolia, Davaa joined UH first as PhD researcher and now as Software Developer. He is a tireless learner and well-known for his famous 2-minutes restoring naps. Since he arrived in Italy, he has introduced two novelties to his life: rock climbing and an excessive amount of espresso shots.

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Luca Zardini Software Developer

Growing up among the vineyards around Verona, Luca has three great passions: science, history and information technology - the latter one has also become his daily bread. Besides this, he loves football and tennis… well, to be clearer: watching professional players on tv rather than practising them himself. He says he prefers reading a fantasy, a thriller or even an atlas: ask him the capital of Curaçao, he will know it for sure!

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Iacopo Carreras Co-Founder and Board Member

After years in the research world, Iacopo pivoted to entrepreneurship and co-founded UH. Now he is the CEO of Thinkinside, but still keeps an eye on us to control everything is going well. For him, running is a way of life and his days are marathons made of conf-calls, meetings and sales pitches. The term "relax" does not exist in his vocabulary: as soon as he can he likes to wear his favourite trail shoes and goes running up and down the mountains, training for the next race.

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Andrei Tamilin Board Member

With his unique Belorussian accent, Andrei left academia to become the first employee of UH. It did not take too much time for him to level up and turn into the CTO at Thinkinside. Saying he is a busy guy does not even start to cover it: handling customers, developing products, leading projects, beyond of course looking after his two young princesses and little boy. Sometimes he is so busy that he literally forgets to eat and sustains himself on coffee and coke only!

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We are a super team, full of energy and with a strong enterprising spirit; we work hard, we are committed to what we do and we like to experiment with new technologies, as any self-respecting (lovely) nerd! But we also balance work with life, and we like doing it with style, by combining our three main passion: nature, sports and, of course, good food!

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